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Full Version: Pendragon's Men
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I was wondering what the principle players would end up looking like. I am not asking for a sheet for each of the 150, but I think the most interesting would be the Saracen (Sir Palomides) , Lancelot, Kay, and I think the most fun would be either the jester Dagonet or Ektor, the ladies man. Feel free to use any combination of modern and medieval gear. For a few Cyberware would be appropriate, such as the poor knight Sir Pelleus.

For a quick reference This is a quick listing of the principles. There were estimated to have been from 150 to 300 knights in his service with untold multitudes of footmen.

I want to have a crack at Author himself.

Use whatever points are fitting.
Perhaps this would be better served in the Projects section.

I was wanting to use some of the Knights as a all round, kinda prime runner team.
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