I'm running my group through Emergence right now and in a few weeks I'll be running the Realm Beyond mission involving working with a creepy Resonance cult called the "Realm Beyond."
The last sentence of the brief adventure seed says

"During the course of the adventure
the team will have the chance to interact with Realm
Beyond’s charismatic technomancer leader, Vagabond, and
to experience the strange alien AI known as the Voice."

Trouble is, with the exception of a blurb on page 102, I can't find anything else on this Realm beyond, Vagabond or the Voice. Is more mentioned on them somewhere? Anywhere? Or am I just left to my own devices to judge the personality and intent of this charismatic leader and AI.
I've got no problem coming up with ideas on my own, I'm overflowing with them in fact, but I don't want to make these cats evil Dissonant drones led by a malicious AI if their intent was to be some sort of Matrix Greenpeace.

Any help is appreciated.