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Full Version: Idea for a plot hook
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I'm going into my third session with my SR group, however, I have an idea for a plot hook I want to introduce during the fourth or fifth session, depending on how fast they get through session 3. The plot hook idea is that a magic item is stolen from one of the Megacorps in Seattle, and they need to track it down as well as the individuals responsible. I thought of making up my own magical item, but I would like to use one of the existing ones if possible. Any ideas on which existing items would be a good choice, or if not, then any ideas on how to custom make an interesting item to insert into the world? Also, any ideas on twists or turns that'd make the plot interesting? Please, anything would be helpful. In the meantime, I'll look through the Ancient Files. Thanks.
Well just because the item is magical doesnt mean it should have powered or abilities tied to me. I once had my runners hunt down and protect a old magical chinese tea set, that both the Triads and Yakuza wanted. In this case it was rumored to bind alliances made while drinking from this set closer together. Whether that is true or not doesnt really matter ^^
Basically anything goes. It could be an atlantean crown or an epyptian scepter or something else entirely. It could be an tomahawk which a tribe of American Native Ancestor Spirits is drawn to. It could be "thinning" the barrier between Astral and Physical, making beings in the astrals visible around it and so on.

If it magical and rumored to be powerful then other groups are going to come hunting for it once the word is out that said corp lost possession of it and it is out in the streets. Again this is more or less limited to your imagination who will come knocking on your runners' door, once people are tracking said item. Anything from groups tied to Immortal Elves or Dragons to Aztechnology or the local Ghoul/Blood Mage fan club.
Several groups could go after the item for several reasons. One side want to exploit the legendary powers of the item, while another seek to safeguard it from abuse and last want to destroy it before its used again.
MacGuffin! biggrin.gif

Er… MagicGuffin!
Well if your willing to go outside of cannon...

It's a classic myth but the <insert item here> of ill luck. Getting a hold of it is the easy part, its not getting killed on your way to deliver it that's the hard part. For added fun have it generate its own domain.

The Sirens: This unfortunate pair of sisters has inherited the mythical voice of the sirens of Greek mythology. And they most defiantly do not want to go back to being corporate lab rats.

The <item>: This <item> belonged to one of the many victims of <tragedy>. When the victims <relative> finally <event> they took them with them. In the hands of one who has lost they have the ability to make the pain bearable as they conjure memories of the loved one. In the hands of a someone shows little compassion or empathy they will quickly drive them insane as the ghosts of the <tragedy> haunt them.

<Town name>: This town hops in and out of space and time, the corp had found some way to chain it down but then someone up and broke the anchor. Or maybe the town was just playing the corp... but if so then why?

Eyes of the dead: Despite the name this artifact is in fact a pair of coins. When placed over the eyes of a living person they allow you see and speak to the echos of the dead. For purposes of this artifact the echos only know what the person knew in life. Of course it may not be a one way gate and who knows what might decided to come back through using your body as a gateway.

Undescribable artifact: This item can not be perceived with the naked mind. It seems to exist in ways that are not possible, at angles beyond euclidean geometry, light does not so much fall against it as it more flows around it, and no two people ever describe it the same way. What it does no one has figured out yet. (For a twist that's all it does, a mischievous spirit or some other powerful being who just likes screwing with mortals created it to get a reaction).

The foreign coin: This coin on it's own has no power, however what it does do is give one ownership of a little piece of astral territory that has on it the equivalent of a very old and very popular inn and bar for all things magical.

The missing sock: It is rumored that this simple white sock once belonged to an ancient and powerful but absentminded mage/dragon/whatever, and that one day out of joy of finally finding his missing sock he enchanted it to help him find his other personal items.

Winning ticket: Every week millions of people spend their time and sometimes no small part of their pay check banking on finally striking it big with the winning ticket. That much hope, longing, and greed all focused on one thing can have metaphysical consequences. This ticket all ways wins, and yet their is always a catch when the owner goes to collect. They may find them selves accused of fraud, or mugged, or a piano drops on their head. But always shortly after wining they find their life ruined or over.

The lost song: This enchanting melody never seems to repeat its self but has been playing for as long as the artifact has been documented. It has no physical form but rather it exists inside a beings mind playing constantly. The only way for the song to be transferred is for the carrier to sing it for an audience and to will it to one of the members. Any attempt to document the song, even when performed fail horribly.
An idea I got not so long ago was how to handle if a tribe of ancestor spirits (or simply spirits showing up as natives of the land) comes to a small town and claims the area as theirs. It might inform the inhabitant of the nearby village or small town to get out before a certain date and things will turn out bad for them. In Astral Space it turns out there is an entire village made up of Astral Objects.
From one of my adventures:

- Nimeta. Nimeta isn't a magic item. It's a work of art. The box that's supposed to hold it is empty. Yet Nimeta is somehow in that box. The whole point of Nimeta is that it doesn't exist. The artist who created it (Howard Less) is known to use magic items (focus, fetishes and so on) as the basis of his works. He says that his muse told him to look for them and give them a new meaning through his art. Some people say it's a scam in order to get magic artefacts, some say his muse is actually a mentor spirit, nobody knows for sure. Rumor has it that his latest piece, Nimeta, is based on an ancient and very powerful artifact. But it's not. It's based on an empty box said to hold a powerful artefact. What happens around this box is the real work of art. Howard Less is a nihilist and Nimeta is a nihilist piece: it's based on nothing and makes people die for nothing.
just because the item is magical dsoesn't mean the team can use it. It might be the thing that dreams are made of. (cookie for the person who can pick the movie reference)
They are street runners they are not n'th level initiates with a full corporate understanding that they can use it. It is an item, the team deosn't even have to be told it's magic. it is just an item the corp wants.

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