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Full Version: Talislegging
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Crimson Jack
Anyone know of any good sites where someone's taken the time to make up some black market talislegging prices? This is for the game I'm writing, discussed in this thread.
isn't talislegging just talismongering with street index applied?
I'd think that also..
Kanada Ten
I think its more the rare and raw bits... Like dragon toe nails or puppy dog snails; vampire teeth or kraken <eyeball>.

I find it easier to apply a threat rating to the mission, as in how much karma awarded just for threat level, and then multiply that by 5,000 nuyen.gif.
And the karma helps if you want to enchant it yourself! biggrin.gif
Austere Emancipator
QUOTE (Kanada Ten)
kraken <eyeball>

That's gonna be pretty difficult to shift around. Certainly not something you'd have in a jar. smile.gif It'd look really cool on a shelf, though, a 2' eye...
Steel Machine
"Dude thats one f'ed up window you have there."

"That? No thats a Kraken Eyeball."

"A what?" smile.gif
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