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Full Version: Adrenaline Rush for Shaman?
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Okay, so i love my shaman build with 1 ip and below average initiative, but fear my 'geek the mage first' gm. Any thoughts on adrenaline surge to help?
Sustain Increase Reflexes. Done.
Yeah, and then supplement the whole thing with a sustaining focus. Guess i shouldn't mess with with that. Was trying to think 'out of the box' when 'box' thinking did the job just fine.
If you're seriously worried about going first, then....

well. Adrenaline is 15.

Another point of Edge(which you can spend to go first, as usual) is 10, and restricted gear: Sustaining foci is 5.

So for the same price, you get a lot more.

If you were to take my advice, however, get RG for a Power Focus 4. Its rather expensive to buy character generation, but SO much cheaper than aquiring and binding in play - an R4 power focus costs 29BP in total.
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