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Full Version: Radar/Ultrasound Sensors
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When perceiving by said sensors only, because your blinded/blind or your eyes are closed or some such;
Are augmentations like Image Link, Image Enhancement, Image Magnification, and Smart Link compatible
with Radar Sensor and/or Ultrasound sensor?

The sensors are both headware, but specifically deal with "vision".

The mentioned augmentations are eyeware that deal with vision, but are not a type of vision unto themselves.

I said yes, what do the the book-ninjas and masters of RAW-fu say?

Vision Enhancements can only be applied to Visual Sensors and Imaging Devices, as listed on SR4A p332. Ultrasound is itself a Vision Enhancement (although it *should* be a Sensor).

Eyeware Subsystems can only be applied to natural eyes or cybereyes. (Headware) Ultrasound and (Headware) Radar are neither of these, because they're non-eye/non-ear Headware.

Yes, SR4 has a messy distinction between senses and sensors. frown.gif

Of course, you don't *need* Image Link with either of these, unless your GM ruled that they work by one-way-only DNI to your brain. I'd assume they're just sensors, implanted, so they can send their feed to anything you connect (datajack, trodes, possibly even skinlink, though probably not). AFAIK, this is the standard RAW function of any DNI/implanted device.

I think you're well out of luck with Enhancement and Magnification. Both sensors have hard-capped range, so Magnification is out, while Enhancement seems like double-dipping; presumably, the computer-generated 'vision' you're getting from the sensor is *already* enhanced, in that the computer has used all the raw sensor information to make it.

You might be able to get your GM to allow Smartlinks to function using arbitrary sensor feeds, within reason. Ultrasound and UWB radar seem to apply, though 'real' radar, sonar, etc. wouldn't seem precise enough?
Quick, cool.

Thanks for the response.

I'll keep it in mind the next time it comes up.

If only it was just the sensor/senses distinction that was messy... dead.gif
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