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Full Version: Use of fake SINīs
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We all know the problems of using fake SINīs, expecially if you take the RAW that says that even your highest ratings SINīs go to hell if you get scanned by a low-rating device. But more important is, how do you use the different SINīs if you e.g. go for a run. With which one do you rent your lifestyle, which one do you use if you go to a run-meeting in downtown and what happens if the shit hits the fan? In my opinion having a commlink online kills most of the "run-and-hide" shadowrun feeling. You are trackable nearly at every time on nearly every place...and it is very suspicious if SIN A goes offline and suddenly SIN B gets online on the same place. Theoretically (and if you realize what is possible nowadays, see movie "enemy of the state") you cannot hide from the system, especially if a hacker is on your track. So how can a common runner in 2070 survive? What do our characters know we donīt???
Our characters know how to be awesome, next to having remote access to one the world's biggest sources of handwavium. They also have access to navigation and stealth skills, programs, concealment, invisibilty, etc.
Making sure you move while switching SINs helps some. Otherwise just run faster. Oherwise, obese hackers really should avoid being there on runs nyahnyah.gif
Yep, if you look at it realistically, it is entirely possible that such a tracking is doable.

Even moreso, it should be entirely possible to just search for the person from one SIN and find all the SINs that person has registered (through face recognition software and similar means).

The simple explanation therefore is, that it isn't being done, even though it is doable. Except, maybe, on special occasions.

While SINs could be tracked the whole time, in theory... it simply doesn't happen.

It's the same reason, why not every door has a Rating 6 Maglock... despite those things being fairly cheap.

The reason is there... I don't know what exactly it is, but that isn't really important.

The important part is, that it isn't being done.

Rule #1 of Shadowrun: There are Shadowrunners. smile.gif

Anything that breaks Rule #1 cannot be.

Don't overthink it! wink.gif

Isn't it as simple as this: You leave your comm at home, switched on. Geez, I must have been home that whole time! The SIN you use for your 'other' activities isn't all that important, maybe it uses a spoofed datatrail 98% of the time, or it is simply disposed after each use. Runners probably will have to be creative about it, but it is doable. It should be up to each group if they want to assume that the runners know how to do this, or if they want to fully play it out, or somewhere in between.

The way I understand it, you MUST have a separate commlink for each SIN, or switching between them won't work, correct?

Yeah, i think in this case, common runners look like the guys that you sometimes meet in shady places with 20 rolex on every arm.^^
Hm... what places actually require you to broadcast your SIN at all times? Because I could imagine that this could also be used the other way around.
Because I guess just turning it off would also be an option if the place allows for it.

Can SINs be uploaded into RFIDs like those annoying advertising RFIDs? So they broadcast your SIN at all times. Slip a rating 1 SIN into another person's pocket at the subway station and stop the broadcast of your commlink. Stuff like that.

Or could a hacker exchange SINs? Take the subway example again. You are on the train and the person following you knows which SIN to look out for. Spoof your SIN as the one of someone else and make the victim's rating 2 commlink broadcast a copy of your rating 1 fake sin.

I guess most normal people would have the display of other people's SINs turned off.
Technically, your commlink doesn't 'broadcast' any SIN unless you want it to (/are forced). There are Access IDs, commcodes, and SINs. The only thing you *have* to reveal is your Access ID, which can be faked in a couple ways. Obviously, there are situations where a SIN is needed, and supplying it through a commlink is the simplest way.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
On Multiple Threads Even... You are the True Master Yerameyahu... wobble.gif
I believe that it is only necessary to broadcast your SIN in High Lifestyle or Higher neighborhoods, and in or near government buildings... this, of course, does not include megacorporate areas that would require such things...
Don't you forget it, Tymeaus. smile.gif It's funny, because I never get hit with doubles otherwise. I guess I was way overdue?

Anyway. smile.gif I wouldn't say that any of this constitutes unavoidable and ubiquitous tracking.
I doubt there is much active tracking. Maybe a few very highly secured places.

There could be plenty of after the fact tracking though, after the character has botched it up in some way in an area requiring displayed SINs they might track his/her Access ID as it moves about (like all the way home) and look for SIN changes. Course, this is only after they have reason to be suspicious or have a good reason to be after you in the first place. And this tracking like this is tracking the Access ID not the SIN itself.
The reason even High-End SINs can start to be a problem is that there is a pattern attached to them. Digital purchases (The norm) are being tracked. People can start knowing your hangouts, your favorite brand of beer, what colour your underwear is, all that good stuff... It's mostly for marketing purposes, but can easily be adjusted for more nefarious means.

It's like tracking a felons credit card trail. Or cell phone usage.

Predictability is not good in a Shadowrunner trying to hide from Authority.
Don't you also need a SIN for smaller stuff like using the public transport systems? I could imagine stuff like this could be used.

"He uses the subway every tuesday evening to go from his house to downtown."
This itself isn't exactly dangerous information because as soon as they know this about someone they would also be able to capture that person. But they could use the time of his absence to bug his home for example to also get his co-conspirators (runner team).

And I guess that SIN access data is saved longer than tracking the access IDs. Matrix access data is just soooo much in a world where everyone is online 24/7 on several devices. There will be so much "saw advertising RFID of <whatever>". Sure, the "commlink switched from node 123213123 to node 91023120" will be insanely useful but they would have to go through the logs of several nodes that way any they might not have easy access to all of them.

And you can spoof your access ID all the time (even automatically IIRC). It might be conspicous if there is one access id that vanishes and shortly after that there is a new one but in a crowded place with people coming and going all the time? There might just have someone come in from another area.

Overall tracking isn't the problem imo. You will always leave a trace. But analyzing that trail will take some time and resources and by then you will already be gone, use another access ID and a new rank 1 or 2 SIN for your subway needs.
Hense the need for Burner SINs, and an explanation as to how the Underclass is still able to beg for money despite "not having a SIN".

A member of the underworld (Ganger, Mafioso, 'Runner, whatever.) pack pockets a sleeping bum a Stuffer Shack Special CommLink with their "Polluted" SIN on it and a few nuyen.gif , and, bam, the trail goes cold.
Also data balkanization is a wonderful thing. KE does a SIN check on your Aztechnology Sin. How reliable and robust is the data base that KE gets access too?

Or suppose runner A is being tailed by the FBI (UCAS), on one of his sins. Runner A goes into the Pyramid. Now the FBI has to either A: Ask Azzies for permission, B: Wait until you leave (assuming you don;t take a bus and turn off your commlink) or C: Start a war oover it and invade...not likely worth it considering the small patatoes that most runners are in the grand scheme of things.

So in the end it is not as scary as RAW makes it out to be. Afterall how often would a SIN be scanned thouroughly?
Low dollar purchases? No.
Walking down main street? No.
Walking around where the rich people live? Yes. But that would only be cursory and oonly if you draw attention to yourself.
Buying a large dollar item? Yes, though only if buying via legit channels.
Going into a secure facility? Yes---and this is where you may get into the more extensive checks.
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