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Full Version: So, Lars J. Matthews...
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Any ideas on who he was, and if he survived and was able to restore his SIN?
Pointing out the source for that character might be a good way to get more competent answers.
Hm... that is the guy from the the Dunkelzahn-testament-thingies?

Wasn't it that IF he survives his SIN get's reinstated automatically and he gets a million nuyen? But whoever hunted him down in that time got the million if they were faster?

Question is: Were the people executing the will powerful enough to suspend his SIN? Did anyone bother with hunting him down? How long was that period to last anyway (can't remember)... wasn't it pretty short, so that he could have easily hid himself?

But yeah... good question, now i want to know too. (As long as nobody says different, i would say: he survived. Makes for a better story)
QUOTE (Last Will And Testament of Dunkelzahn via the Ancient Files")
For a period of ten days beginning on 14 February 2057, Lars J. Matthews will cease to possess any legal status. He will be stripped of all evidence of legal existence, including SIN, credsticks, DocWagon contract, bank accounts and so on. To the individual or group who ends Lars J. Matthews’ physical existence during those ten days, I leave all of Matthews’ assets and 1 million nuyen for a job well done. If Mr. Matthews survives and can prove his identity, his legal status and all possessions will be restored to him. Haven’t you heard? Never deal with a dragon, Lars.

Lars was a plothook. Dunno if it was an in-joke among the writers, or something they just snuck in there, but either way, a great way to characterize the whole "don't deal with a dragon" thing biggrin.gif

Oh, and for good measure, Annotated Dunk's Will.
Yeah, I know about the ADW, just wondering who the guy was, and what he did to tick Dunkie off for him to piss in his cornflakes so from the grave.

Also, it's another chance for me to whine about the fact that I was able to get into Shadowrun far too late, as I first found out about it in '92 and wanted to play shortly afterward.
Saint Sithney
Maybe he just wanted some upstanding citizen out there to see what it's like to be a dragon, hunted for money with no recourse to the law.
<<BRIIINGGG!!!> "You win a Prize!"

Maybe he just wanted some upstanding citizen out there to see what it's like to be a dragon, hunted for money with no recourse to the law.

Aha! God, I'm so dumb not to have seen that connection.

In the Shadowtalk, especially in the Dragons of The 6th World, there is a poster (Dragonhunter?) who is not exactly quiet in regard to their distain/hatred of those big-n-scaley bastards. Words were said, feelings may have been hurt, etc.

It's not a leap to think that Dunkie, in his usual backhanded way, discovered the "Lead Hunter" and decided that the sauce was good enough for goose and gander....and it's a way in which he could have revenged his possible death at the hands of Dragon-slayers - something that strikes me as logical enough to fit. And even-handed enough to suit his sense of honour.

I mean, Dunkie did so much divination I'm sure he might have picked up a future echo from somewhere where he was blown up not by his own hand, but by a fanatical and savvy group of wyrm-haters.
And then written instructions in his will to suit.

Damn! Nice Plothook!
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