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Full Version: Questions about Running In Denver
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Seven Deadly SINs
Hi, we are starting a campaign set in Denver, and i'm wondering about just how difficult it is to get around between the different sectors. Also is there any kind of nasty things to avoid getting drawn into, like gang wars or ghoul/bug invested areas?

Any help would be appreciated.
You might want to try to get hold of the old Denver boxed set. It has all the info you're looking for plus a lot more. Basically, crossing the different sector borders is about as big of a pain as crossing into the respective borders of the countries. Just make sure you pick up Year of the Comet and Shadows of North America for updated info on Denver. SoNA is a good buy if you can't find the Denver set, but I'd try to track it down because it goes into a LOT of detail. Plus it has cool stuff in it, like city maps and little "passes" for the different sectors.

The Abstruse One
I second the suggestion of the Denver Boxed Set. Denver's got a lot of nasty things hiding about, from shattered spirits to border patrols to the entire Aztlan sector.

If you're playing post-comet, Year of the Comet and Shadows of North America detail the events that shake up that city as well

edit: yeah, Year of the comet, not Wake
Wake of the Comet? Don't you mean Year of the Comet? Or is there some information from Wake about Denver that I'm forgetting?
One thing to keep in mind is the altitude.

Denver is called the "Mile High City" because it is almost exactly 1 mile above sea leave (5280 feet). That's a pretty high altitude, especially for folks who are used to sea level.

Newcomers to Denver frequenly experience fatique and light headedness (particularly during physical excercise). It takes about 6 months to fully acclimate to the climate, until then you are a hell of a lot slower, weaker, and with significantly less endurance.

The farther west in the Denver area you are, the higher the altitude and the worse these sysmpoms become.
The Denver Boxed Set actually has rules for that.

One thing you must never forget when running in Denver during Post YotC events. Ghostwalker's presence is nearly all pervasive. Even when you can't see the dragon, you know he's around and calling the shots.
Herald of Verjigorm
Also, spirits are more loyal to him than to you.
No walls.

Herald of Verjigorm
QUOTE (Lindt)
No walls.

Only if the new player is the only person who has read the Denver book, and insists on playing in Denver.
Dakhran the Dark
7D, normally I'd recommend all those sources above -- but seeing as I'm your GM, I'm not gonna... smile.gif

Seriously, the old Denver boxed set has a player's guide and some good maps which will help out in our game...err, you did take a Denver Local Area knowledge skill, right? Right? wink.gif

I'd stay out of Year of the Comet and Shadows of North America, seeing as how none of this has happened yet...give it another couple of months... devil.gif GM biggrin.gif

Shanshu Freeman
QUOTE (Herald of Verjigorm)
QUOTE (Lindt @ Mar 19 2004, 03:41 PM)
No walls.

Only if the new player is the only person who has read the Denver book, and insists on playing in Denver.

but ... if there are no walls, then why be a smuggler??

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