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Full Version: Best, "Oh, I've got [insert spell], will that help?" Moment
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In our current run, our Troll mage picked up oxygenate (sea insertion, can't swim, thought it would be handy) and afterwards though she'd never use it again.

4 hours later, we're trapped in a Halon-filled armoured server room (and a 10 minutes base time for maglock 8...) and she goes, "Oh, Oxygenate? I think that'd work." Saved the team.

Your own moments of same?
The mages I know mostly get creative with spirits. Like the one who had a Spirit of Air carry our party to safety over a river. Or the one who used... I don't remember, a Free Spirit contact or an Ally Spirit, or maybe just a Great Form - anyway, it had Realistic Form, and he used it for seduction.
Team needs to infiltrate a building in 3 days. Good scouting tells us security is way to heavy, but there are near sewers and a basement. Let's tunnel. old-school. Troll Mage (me, yes, again a troll mage) "I heard about a spell. Let me make some calls." Some minutes later he has an AR spell formula for Shape [Concrete]. OK guys, I'm gonna go study hard. Two good roles and days later he knows the spell, with 3 hours left to bind a F3 earth spirit. The tunneling went well.

some weeks later, the team is stuck in the left lane in a traffic jam, helicopters closing. "See these concrete blocks next to the central reservation. I'll shape them into a ramp..."
I think the best I can offer is:

Step 1:
Earth spirit shapes a tube from a gas pipe to the basement of a building.
Step 2:
Air spirit funnels the gas into the basement.
Step 3:
Fire spirit to set it alight.

Then there was the time that my mystic adept drake spent 2 Edge (of 3, bringing him down to 0) forging authentication (for every team member*) to disable a turret. Not magic, but was a, "I've got 1 point of hacking. I can do this."

*Was an "intruder detected: please ID yourselves" dealy.
I jumpd my team with a group of Ghosts, and the peacenik shaman used a spirit (plant, I think) that had a Fear power. Almost frightened off all the whoop ass I was about unload on them, too. Good thing I dropped her quick before she could sic it on the rest of the Ghosts.

Also, not SR but WoD, and it wasn't a character thing but the player (of the pacenik shaman oddly enough) who actually knew Latin. Apparently it was her major in college, and she had intended to teach it even. So when I bust out this mysterious text from some weird cult/cabal, the player goes "Oh, that means...".
Hehe. Nice use of Latin.

Reminded me (in a not so direct way) of the Scion game my group did once. At the end the one player used Epic Manipulation to state, "If my friends destroy the universe I want to be the first one back when it restarts." Effectively becoming the Creator about two sessions later.
Reminds me of the time I introduced a character named Darktooth, and forgot one of my players spoke fluent German.... wink.gif

Not quite what was asked, but I got a lot of mileage out of the Fashion and Makeover spells. Instant disguises wherever we went, without the astral traces of a sustained spell. Tons better than Physical Mask, and less Drain to boot. For example, we turned a set of paper clothes into Janitor's uniforms for one run, Security uniforms for another, and Krispy Kreme delivery uniforms for a third. Loads of fun.
We had to extract someone from a convoy on a rural road with limited hiding places for a ambush.

A lot of talking about how to hide and such starts and my mage just holds a hand up and says "Guys, I could just shape the earth and make some hiding spots for us"

A couple of sniper positions and a nice big hidden trench to hide the van later and we have a fairly straight forward extraction on a otherwise open road.
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