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Full Version: Doing conversions
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I have my shelves full of old 2E modules, some of which are really good and worth running in 4E. While converting is a lot of work, it isn't all that hard - TNs I can make up ad-hoc, NPCs will have to be exchanged with archetypes or made from scratch (or, if unimportant, done ad-hoc again), and Matrix systems being the worst bit, since they have to be completely redesigned.

My biggest concern at the moment is nuyen and karma. Can I hand out those as written, or will this give the players too much or too little?
Hm. Nope. Karma and Nuyen change a bit.

Overall most things are cheaper in SR4, but some things stayed the same. For example you still need to pay the same for life-style and (ammo i think?). But Drones and cyberware are much cheaper.

Also the Karma output seems slightly elevated. Depending on how close you follow the guidelines it can be as much as double. This is while also some costs stayed pretty much the same (Initiation for example - but now you have to pay for extra-magic as well).

I myself would cut the montary rewards and slightly boost the karma ones (give some extra for overall dangerousness and/or for mor sub-goals.

With attributes and skills i just cut them down to 2/3 of natural and add the enhancements.
Sounds reasonable - karma can quite easily be recalculated, money is more complex. Guess I have to wing that, too. Thanks for the answer.
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