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Full Version: Matrix action list
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I am Looking for a matrix Action list that includes all actions from SR4A and unwired so that I can have it all in one place without having to search

anyone have one / know where I can get one ?

I found one that covers the Core book but not unwired
I've just been compiling lists and tables for personal use as a DIY reference sheet. Also, when possible, doing a 'practice run' with a character and a GM to see what issues come up where I either can't remember how to do something, or don't have the reference right in front of me. Which generally results in an updated reference sheet. Still working on the ordering of the information, too; a minute spent digging through papers is a minute I'm delaying the game.
Both books have a very neat list of (new) possible actions. If you have the pdf versions, copy/pasting them into one txt file would have almost been faster than posting this question wink.gif
If you don't, Unwired just adds three either way (Corrupt, Disarm, Disinfect). Jot them down on a note and insert them into the SR4A book. Copy/pasting, meatworld style!
theres more than that in Unwired .... Creating back doors ect
Those are just different applications of Edit. In case of creating back doors used to edit the contents of the file handling login procedure, or user accounts.
Via Hacking + Edit if you don't have a proper acces level account, or Computer + Edit if you do. Because that's the way everything in the matrix works.
but still a matrix action ... and now you see what I'm after ... a comprehensive list of all actions that can be taken while in the matrix ....

from basic program tasks ... to hacker tricks ... the whole 9 yards
Saint Sithney
A list of matrix tests would be better than just a list of matrix actions.
Really, for 95% of matrix based activity, just ask yourself: can I do that legally with the priviledges the account I'm running has? If so, use Computer skill, if not, use Hacking skill, or use Hacking skill either way if for some reason your Computer skill is less. Then judge what program you should be using, which will often be Edit, Browse or Exploit if you're making an account illegally.
For most actions, it's fairly straightforward what program to use. Wether or not an account has certain priviledges really depends on the node you're in, and requires a GM fiat to be sure.

All of the off-matrix electronic(s) (warfare) stuff is more complicated, but not much more so.

Don't make the matrix more complicated than it is ^^
well I made one ... took me 5 days do create it .... but its done its being hosted on a website

Id drop a Link but ATM I cant remember if that breaks ToS or not ... so ... PM me if you want a link to it

its an .xlsx Doc so you'll need Microsofoft Office or OpenOffice to view it .... its also 14 pages long
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