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Full Version: Semi-newbie question on SL and vision mods
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I played in college and am just getting back into SR. I have a question on SL and vision mods.

Given that a Lvl "X" vision mod allows the character to negate X levels of range (long to short, etc.) and that a SL allows for a -2 to TN, can the character pick whcih one applies?

Level 3 is only advantageous if at extreme range: for everthing else the person would be better off using -2 from the SL.

Short Range TN:4
SL -> TN:2
VM -> TN:4


- theartthief
Yes, the player picks whether his character gets the benefit of Vision Magnification or the benefit of Smartlink. Player's choice, but as you point out, the character can't get the benefit for both at the same time.

Using the Man and Machine book, some players get a Rangefinder with their Smartlink, for an extra benefit at Long and Extreme ranges (M&M page 32).
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