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Augmentation (p 101) mentions that S-K was planning to open their first ever Seattle offices using the organic/living structure architecture in 2071. Taking a look at the megacorporations section of Seattle 2072 it looks like a copypasta of the older versions of the book. So, are there any references to the project/what happened to it in the sourcebooks?

Also, WTF is Seattle doing making a bid for the 2076 Olympics in 2072? Research, research, research (not even an obscure topic).
It's the Olympics. Bribe early, bribe often.
QUOTE (CanRay @ Feb 17 2011, 10:35 PM) *
It's the Olympics. Bribe early, bribe often.

Actually I'd say they're running late.

It's currently 2011 and the 2016 bid is done (Brazil won) and 2020 Summer bids are under way.
2018 Winter bid is being decided and the 2022 bids are being put together.

I know the World Equestrian Games (like the Olympics, but for horses) had been decided to go to Lexington about ten years ago. Allowed them to beautify the city and make it easier to travel around. So.
Yeah, I loved how New Delhi, India used the time to prepare for the Commonwealth Games in 2010... sarcastic.gif
Or Athens for its big celebration of the Modern Olympics in 2004. Most of the roads to the venues weren't even finished.

I'm guessing that the S-K building just kind of fell off the SR radar based on the responses to this thread.
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