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I am about to run an Earthdawn / Shadowrun crossover game, and I thought I would get my facts straight before I start.

Question1: The original princes:

The original council of princes in Tir Tairngire, I am assuming they are all immortal elves from earth dawn:
  • Prince Sean Laverty
  • Prince Jenna Ni'Fairra
  • High prince Lugh Surehand
  • Ehran the Scribe

The main elven figure I remember from playing Earthdawn was Queen Alachia. I keep thinking she is Jenna, but I cannot find a supporting reference: My search fu is too weak! Does anyone know what names the original princes had back in Earthdawn and what role they had?

Question 2: What happened to Lofwyr
In the (very tattered) source book I have of Tir Tairngire Lofwyr was voted onto the council, mostly by the political might of Lugh Surehand, despite Ehran's best efforts. I think in 2070 or so Hestaby is the draconic prince and Lofwyr has gone. What happened? and what are the best source materials to acquire to understand what happened?

Question 3: Tir Na Nog and Tir Tairngire
Its pretty clear that this is being set up to be the seelie and the unseelie court. I don't really "get" Tir Na Nog, it seems to be mostly irish rather than elvish. Does anyone know the major players in Tir Na Nog that were around in Earthdawn and their roles? I have the Tir Na Nog source book, what are other good source materials?

Thanks for the help
Not so sure on the elves. Ehran is so IE it hurts but I might buy one of the others not being IE, maybe a spike baby or something. As for Tir Na Nog, i'd be impressed if anybody got them. You'll probably have to ask Ancient History.

On question 2, per my understanding, after the debacle with Dunkie's death, the Loremaster role, Ghostwalker, and all that continuity porn, Hestaby emerged as a more serious contender. She and Llofwyr seem to have cut some sort of deal where she gets the Prince title as part of her expanding sphere of influence around California and he gets, dunno. On a meta-level it seems the writer want her to player a greater role and in game she's guarding the Sea Dragon's eggs, so apparently she's pretty highly thought of in dragon circles. Maybe she made a secret concession to Llofwyr, maybe she just muscled in (diplomatically of course), and maybe Llofwyr didn't want to have to watch over the IEs anymore so he paid off Hestaby to take over. Honestly, the whole prince thing seems like more trouble than it's worth to a Great.
Thanks both of you.

I think I will just assume that the players don't get Tir Na Nog, and make it all up. Sounds easier.

That's a nice site Critias. I've added it to bookmarks
QUOTE (PoliteMan @ Feb 18 2011, 03:25 AM) *
Honestly, the whole prince thing seems like more trouble than it's worth to a Great.

To Lofwyr, almost certainly. He'd had a long-running grudge with several of the former Princes (the Oakforests in particular, especially since Glasgian's unfortunate accident), and it's not like he really needs to add "and partial co-ruler of Oregon" to his resume in order to impress anyone. He's got plenty of the rest of the world to play with and worry about, the biggest megacorp around to keep him busy and scheming, and dragon games to play.

To Hestaby, it wouldn't be quite the same type of pointless, frustrating, chore. Sure, she's still belittling herself by meddling directly in the politics of hamsters, but Dunkie did it and she respects him, so maybe it's worth trying for a century or two to see if they're worth the trouble. What's more, the Tir's right next door to her sphere of influence, and maybe by Princing them for a little bit, the little bastards will stop hassling her over that whole "whoops, I killed a bunch of your soldiers, during that invasion" thing from last Tuesday. If nothing else, the meddling is meddling that's in her back yard, so it could've been a way to expand her sphere of influence a little.

But, well, that was before the coups and all the rest, so it's all kind of a moot point by now. Zincan's the only old Prince still holding down a job, after all.
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