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Full Version: Corporations vs Governments in war
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It's recently come up in my game where a government (Atzlan) has declaired war of one of the AAA corps. Would the corporate court get involved? and how soon?
Wow, big politics would get involved with that.

But the major issue is that everyone knows (not thinks, KNOWS) that Aztlan is a puppet-state of Aztechnology. There wouldn't enough distinction between the country and the corporation for the Corporate Court to go, "NO!" and put the smack down.

If it were another country... Well, economic sanctions are always a good idea. Then flood the country's market with black market goods that help destabilize the government in question.
I'd say - same thing as when Aztlan nationalized corp assets on its territory.
And since the memory is still pretty fresh about that, I'd say they wouldn't start a fight.
CC would get involved ASAP (because to do otherwise would be admiting that they don't have power in some major area. Even if they legally don't, they aren't going to admit it.) Regardless as to whether they have jurisdiction, they can cause a lot of trouble for this war, so all sides want to keep the CC happy.

How would it be dealt with? All politics. Who is on the board? What do they want? Who owns how much of what company? Who has died recently? What technology is about to debut? How is Ares doing with the UCAS? All of it is relevant. Ares doesn't want to pay for a war themselves. That's expensive! They'll cajole the CAS into declaring Atzlan a huge threat and fund the Ares war. Can the vice director for Advertising and Happiness push a blitz campaign in time to turn the CAS public against the idea? What about that cute VP at Fuzimojo who is a bit closer than comfortable with the CAS president?

At this level its plots within plots.
I agree that the Court would get involved right away, as preventing open war between two mega powers is one of the purposes it serves.
Any more than that would require more specifics on who the Azzies declared war on and why before we can make a judgment on who picks sides.
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