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Alright so this biotech idea. And healing in general.

I have a dude that has a serious wound, he is pretty fragged up.

So we apply biotech, if successful that brings him down to moderate right?

Then three successes on a heal (or treat) spell heals him fully(as long as it is force three or greater), right?
You are correct.
So we apply biotech, if successful that brings him down to moderate right?

I believe that's correct.

Even more than that, if I understand it right, you could have a serious wound plus 3 boxes (one short of deadly) and a successful biotech reduces it to moderate (down to 3 boxes). Then 3 successes on a Heal or Treat take you down to nothing.

So as long as you're not dying, you'll probably pull through completely unscathed.

[Edit: thanks for the catch OT]
In our campaign, we don't play the way Apathy describes, even though it is a reasonable interpretation of the words of the rule. In our game, if you are one less than deadly, we play that a biotech reduces damage by one level to one less than serious. If you are one more than Serious, successful biotech reduces to one more than Moderate. To us, this just seemed a reasonable way to play.

252, unfortunately a successful Biotech on someone at Deadly or beyond just stabilizes them. Magic healing or a doctor are the only things that can help there. We once had a Troll at 16 boxes, and 6 successes on the Treat (the maximum from a Force 6 spell) left the Troll still at Deadly.
And then of course you can't use biotech on them, because you already did the heal spell, or treat or whatever.

Now what about the thing about precluding successful use of the spell most preclude....

Now if ain't successful can you use biotech, ummm to my understanding yes.

The other thing is biotech, if you fail can you try it again, or did you just make it irrerepairable?
QUOTE (252)
If you fail at Biotech, can you try again?
We play that you can try again at +2. Some might play that after a failure, you can't try again until you get someone with a better Biotech skill, or you reduce the TN (perhaps get out of the Terrible Conditions, or get a Medkit).
The +2 being the canon ruling, that's what I'd go with. Another failure and the game's up.

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