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Full Version: possession of a magical critter
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Throwing this out there to the forum to see if anyone has any thoughts on this topic.

My question is, if a possession spirit possesses a magical critter (a hellhound for this example), could the possession spirit use the paranormal powers of the host body or would they not be able to?

I know a possessing spirit cannot use cyberware that requires activation, resonance, or the memory/skills of the host (which I assume would include spells). But what about critter powers? If it is a continual power, it would seem yes if it was active at the time of possession. But it not a continuous power...such as the hellhound's elemental attack, could that be used?

Primarily I am looking for any sort of textual support regarding this, however, I am also open to hearing general opinions on the matter even if unsupported.

Thanks in advance.
James McMurray
I would assume not. It doesn't have the base creature's knowledge, which includes knowledge of how to trigger hellhound breath and the like.
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