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Check out this guy that creates entoforms with Blender (a cool and open source 3D app, you know, "Big Buck Bunny" and so on) and his own special add on. What's an entoform? Well, you'd have to read his blog but in short it's some weird insect-like creature.

Check out like a zillion generated entoforms/insects here:

And the blog here:

Actually, the guy has started 3d printing the forms and pinning them like real insects, which is somehow cool in it's own way :)

What's this all got to do with Shadowrun? I don't know about you guys but I'd feel just great generating one or two such forms and scaring the shit out of my players with some cool render, describing it as a dark magic creature, or maybe a toxic path mutant giant insect that they just woke to see in their room in the middle of the night, nibbling on sammie's cyberleg :)

Unfortunately, the add-on is not yet released in public (too unstable) but it's gonna be released once it matures, and by the early look of it and the sheer amount of creatures generated for one short video above, it looks like generating them will be easy and fast, which is just the way I like it. Not everybody has days to draw their scary monsters you know :)

Just after having looked at the video I have a couple of good ideas for dark toxic insect-monsters in my head.

Hope this gives you some too!

Sweet dreams
Cool stuff. Yeah, this could help visualizing Horrors etc.

What came into my head as I watched the video was, "Cthulhutech meets tampon applicator".
Because of the name, I would say that this is what bug spirits look like when they're not merged to any host. Like something who only vaguely heard what a real bug looks like tried to sculpt one from jellied screams of terror.
This would also fit in an Eclipse Phase game. I will post a link to here.
Mr Clock
Spooky yet cool. I like it.

Sideline: nasty looking IC, or dissonant sprites/ avatars/ forms.
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