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Full Version: Finding lost threads
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Pero la rep<spanish expletive>...

I swear I've tried, but I seem unable to find to threads I once posted in Dumpshock. The first one was about a KSAF reporter making a live broadcast from Seattle's city council (his name was Kyle Fox). The second one was about a highschool kid and his elven girlfriend, who had been injured in a Humanis attack.

Can someone help me?
Herald of Verjigorm
Have you changed the listing option to "the beginning" instead of the default "last 30 days"?
Disregard this thread, I've just found them in Ye Olde Forums. wobble.gif

What amazes me is that the search engine actually worked twice in a row. eek.gif

Steel Machine
In the future an easier way, may, be to search for allposts made by a particular user. In some cases thats easier-recent posts especially.
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