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Full Version: New Spell: Quagmire
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Czar Eggbert
manipulation, sustained, T# = OR
Quagmire: This spell turns an area equal to force x casters magic rating into a sticky, muddy pool of force inches deep, instantly changing the terrain to unfavorable. It also adds a +force to any handling tests in the terrain. Any character caught in the quagmire has to spend a complex action to move through the mess and get at least one success on a quickness(force) test. Characters can only move at quickness/2 meters per round.

Now I don't have my books so I'll ask you if this sound like a decent defensive spell, and what the drain code should be.
why not use ice sheet instead? Besides isn't this spell similar to bind spell anyway? I also don't have my books, but it sounds pretty much the same as the bind spell.
Glue Strip. Works better too. The spell... though a big bucket of crazy glue would be entertaining
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