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Full Version: Breaking the boundaries of spells
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The Jopp
Had a small mindmelt here.

What spells could be made using an alternative spell?

Double Image/Physical Double Image (Illusion spell)
Well, this one should be simple? A non-damaging elemental manipulation spell (light) called "Hologram"

Same here, a light manipulation spell that targets a creature and stops any light reaching the targets eyes thus rendering them blind.

As above, light manipulation. The main difference is that everyone SEEING the flash would be affected.

You can do almost anything you want with magic.
However, be prepared to take the drain.

Here are a few spells Ive written:

Corpse Explosion

With a resounding wet "thud," Corpse Explosion does fire and blast damage to everthing within magic rating in meters around the corpse. The corpse instantly gibs, throwing body parts and fluids from the original point of origin. Body parts tend to roll on the ground rather than fly through the air, but internal fluids do spray.
The power of the blast is increased by +1 for every two points of body the corpse had.

Type: Physical
Range: LOS
Target: 4
Duration: Instant
Drain: +2 (Damage Level +2)
Category: Manipulation
Cost: NFS


This spell when bound to optical systems has the ability to raise the energy level of photonic discharges and certain types of radiation.
The spell increases the damage rating of the laser weapon by 1 point, per two successes made in the casting. The increase cannot exceed the maximum force of the spell.
This is a technomagic spell, although a sustained version could be made.

Type: Physical
Range: Touch
Target: 4
Duration: Permanent
Drain: +1 (M)
Category: Manipulation

Akira's Awakening
Designed by Atma, this spell is a variant of Mask of the Demon, however the only apparent physical change is the muscular toning of the caster. Clothes seem to fit a bit tighter when casting is done.
Once again, resist 1/2 force (M) in damage to yourself when casting, as this still hurts like hell.

Attacks:.........Strength in moderate stun

Type: Physical
Range: Personal
Target: Willpower
Duration: Sustained
Drain: +4 (S)
Category: Manipulation
Austere Emancipator
I think it's a real pity that SR canon Elemental Manipulations are all "Combat" spells, and rather boring ones at that. However, what Drain Code to give such fine elemental manipulations as using Light for "Illusions" is a problem. They should have worse drain than actual Illusions. You'd probably have to add a few rules to the Spell Design chapter that have to do with extremely fine elemental manipulation, especially for Drain.
The Jopp
My GM and I came up with a nice alternative for an "area effect" spell by adding a new kind of spell range.

Nexus (+1 damage code): the spell detonates all around the caster but does no harm to the actual caster.

With this effect you could use a fireball to hit everyone around you, very nice for the crowded mage.
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