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Full Version: Are metagenic qualities considered racial qualities?
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I'm asking because Karma gen system mentions under the "qualities" section that "Infected qualities and similar racial qualities do not count against the amount of Karma you may spend on taking qualities."

Getting qualities after chargen is normally much harder. If viable, I'm thinking of dropping the ratings of a few secondary skills in favor of a couple of extra qualities.

Have your players done this before?

Also, besides ambidexterity, what other qualities would you not allow players to take after chargen?
If I'm correct (I don't have my books with me), the metagenetic qualities you get from the SURGE qualities do not count twords your quality cap, and I don't think the SURGE qualities themselves do either. As for qualities during play, any quality I feel has to be inborn I don't allow, but I'm generally pretty flexible. If a player really wants to spend 40 karma for the ability to spend 35 karma for 7 edge I say go ahead.
Metagenetic qualities are NOT considered racial qualities. Racial qualities refers to infected characters, or drakes, both of which also note in their description that the 35 BP limit does not apply to these qualities.

SURGE already lets you buy more than the usual number of qualities. Someone who gets SURGE III, for example, gets 30 points worth of positive qualities and the ability to get 20 more, and 15 points worth of negative qualities, with the ability to get 35 more. So you can basically start out with 50 positive and 50 negative in qualities if you take SURGE III.

On qualities taken after play begins, I am like TheOOB - some qualities have to be inborn/innate, but the rest (martial arts, guts, aptitude, etc.) are all fair game.
The SURGE quality certainly counts toward the cap (5-15).
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