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Full Version: Battletac?
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OK I'm relatively new to SR and I have been trying to work out the merits of having your team fitted with Battletac systems (the non-cyber ones from CC). The team would all be linked by a tactical communications system anyway but I was wondering what real advantage having everyone equiped with battletac receavers and one with the master unit gives you... As far as I can tell it just gives you a -1 TN on your SUT test which although nice doesn't seem to be worth the cost of outfitting everyone with the modules... Am I missing something here or is there other advantages that I'm just not seeing in CC???
The White Dwarf
Uh, have you read it? Like all of the item description? Cause theres a lot about sharing data and indirect fire and heads up displays and stuff. Which is like the point of it. Least afaik anyhow.
Capt. Dave
The advantage is not so much in game mechanics (TN modifiers and such), but more in the fact that every member of your team is linked together in constant communication and can share information almost instantly. Not to mention that
linked members can use indirect fire (You may not be able to see your target, but if a team member can, it allows you to fire at that target) Plus, if any enemies are in range and in the firing arc of a linked, mounted weapon (Like an LMG on the top of your Citymaster) you can fire it from your position, even if you are not near the thing.

Hope that helps
Though the game mechanics bonuses are pretty sweet too.

Really? According to CC there isn't that much game mechanics bonus... Ah... After checking the board there appears to be something in MM that I was not aware of... I'll have to have a look in Man and Machine when I can get hold of a copy... Something about extra dice for your SUT test with the master unit?
Without the cyberlink or the receiver unit, someone with SUT 6 is only reliably giving a bonus when in direct communication/close LOS. Toss in either of the above, and suddenly you're getting 1-2 points in either Initiative or Combat Pool with radio-only contact. Toss in a tactical computer in a rigger, and suddenly people are getting more along the lines of +4 or so.

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