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Take 5 edgy and hip gangers on high-powered rocket rollerskates, place them in the heart of Neo-Tokyo.

At least 80% of all nuyen earned must be spent on cosmetic/lifestyle upgrades.

The GM basically plays the Police and the group's shadowy DJ Fixer.

Sound like a plan? How do we pull off this Pinkest and Mohawkiest of Pink Mohawk games?

Blurb from the back of the packaging, sounds like a ganger game to me-
"DJ Professor K is your mentor, winning street territory, your mission. Cops want you nailed, rival gangs want you dead. You're the rollerblade tagger with a price on your head. Your face is all over town, your name on every flyover and hitman's bullet. Keep those skates pumping and your head screwed on. Wheels are your only way out, your spray can is your only weapon."

I'm thinking that if the police are undermanned, drones are an effective force multiplier, which forces gangers to adapt and use things like rollerblades to outrun them and wifi negation spraypaint when they can't outrun them biggrin.gif

But how could magic work in this type of game without being overwhelmingly powerful?
Step One - Find and read the manga Air Gear (Tokyopop still has the license, IIRC. Warning:
Step Two - Check out Erik Haze and check Tokyo's current scene here on Flickr.
Step Three - Profit.
Bonus STAGE - Art Crimes
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