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Full Version: Commlink Setup for My Shaman/Face
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Hey Everyone, I have a Shaman/Face character I built and just realized that I totally neglected matrix connectivity in every way.

I did a bit of searching and found this: Although I loved some of the ideas, the recommendations that I liked were mostly to be done during play and were a little more involved than I'd like (example: get team hacker to get you pirated stuff and an agent with a bunch of programs).

I guess I'm looking for a low-cost package that that will stop me from being a liability, but also wont require much in the way of resources/effort once play starts. I'm really planning to leave the matrix stuff to others.

Does anyone have an essential commlink/program/skill package (RAW) that they use for their non-matrix characters during character gen?


Skill Dice: Computer + Logic = 3, Data Search + Logic = 3, Software + Logic = 3
Commlink: Sony Emperor
Programs: Search 1, Analyze 1
Other: Directional Antenae, Keep Commlink on 'Hidden' at all times, Trodes, Skinlink, AR Gloves etc. etc.
Post Build Recommendations: Get Pirated <insert program name here> lvl 1

Any help would be awesome.
For the "I don't care about that, I only need to read my mails be reachable"-Guys, I usually go with the Renraku Sensei (it has a nice signal range) + Renraku Ichi + all Common Use programs at 2 as freeware (don't think any GM will deny these, UW actually makes them available up to rating 4). If a Hacker tells me so, or in case my char is fairly interested in tech, I will buy a Firewall 6 with some of the near future income.
Very cool. And so simple. Thanks.

I keep hearing people talk about disposable commlinks. Should i worry about that during char building? Also, do i need have a certain skill level in data search or computer?
I dunno, a Meta Link to hand to the cops seems like a decent thing to have. They're really cheap if you have left over resources at gen. I don't even buy an OS for them, I'll hand that off rolling con about how "the damn thing's gone dead again." Most of the basic level beat cops won't realize that it's got no OS, and generally assume that I may be suspicious, but that piece o' drek didn't hack anything. Course, the character who does this is a Techno, so I tend to go through a few that way. For burner commlinks I'd use the Meta again, and use it only for a specific job and junk it. It really depends on the paranoia level of your game and how much sensitive communication your character deals with over the comm. Using it to contact sketchy folks or for prank calling Lofwyr means burn it. Using it to talk to your party means you're likely pretty safe with it, unless you go around giving your number to everyone. Also, it's important to keep contact with contacts, so you shouldn't ditch stuff too often for fear of being unreachable.
For magic users, I generally go the disposable commlink route at chargen.

It's a basic way to stay in touch with your team and run some general gear. If you need more later on, you can upgrade easily enough and still have a burner comm.

Most of my characters have two or three disposable commlinks anyways.
QUOTE (Socinus @ Apr 10 2011, 10:27 AM) *
Most of my characters have two or three disposable commlinks anyways.

Do you have a fake sin and licenses for each one? Also, do you start with a commlink you consider your 'real' commlink, or is everything just desposable at chargen?
Also, does anyone have a specific list of programs i should have for security reasons? I saw analyze and browse andfirewall. Are there any other must-have's for my 'real' commlink at chargen (that fit my concept of low investment, low maintenance, low use, but decent security)?
you don't really need browse. and low Analyze won't help you much either actually. The only thing you might want is ECCM, in case th enemy tries to jam you. It's the only program, that don't have to use actively and which you don't need skill (Computer, Data Search) for. Really, keep the matrix security to the teams electronic specialist. Password-protect your personal files and then slave your commlink to him. If you wanna do it yourself, you need a big investment in Rating 5/6 gear, including an agent.
Good idea, at least until i get a better understanding of the wireless world. I'll put on a cup of coffee and pull out the books. Cheers!
QUOTE (whatevs @ Apr 10 2011, 03:13 PM) *
Do you have a fake sin and licenses for each one? Also, do you start with a commlink you consider your 'real' commlink, or is everything just desposable at chargen?

Depends what I'm going to be rocking.

If I'm going to be carrying around rocket launchers and heavy machine guns, yeah I tend to pick up a fake license, but SINs are not too important. I'll generally try to keep my head down unless it looks like I'll need one then pick one up.

I tend to go fairly minimalist with equipment and only buy what I KNOW I'll need, the rest can be filled in as needed.
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