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Full Version: Denver?
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So I'm considering Denver as the main setting for a campaign and I can't really find much on it. I remember reading about how it was divided up and that Ghostwalker makes it his home.

I seem to remember there being some free missions created that used it as a setting? But I can't really find them anywhere on the catalyst page. Anyone know where I can find them? Or something else useful?
This is an awesome thread, full of good ideas and links to the Quarterly that had the Denver writeup for 4th edition.

Post-Denver boxed set (which I'd love to hunt down, *sigh*) the 3rd Edition books Shadows of North America, Year of the Comet, and Dragons of the Sixth World have updated information for the city.

I'm running in Denver currently, and I'm not so much focusing on the inter-political squabbling as I am Ghostwalker's plans for it as a whole.
Coincidentally (I guess not really, he's kind of a big deal) I was going to use Ghostwalker as a major focus as well. Though I was going to have some politics and such too. Specifically I was thinking of having the runners start out as low-level gangers or something, probably give them 200-300 BP to start and have some more stringent gear restrictions.

EDIT: also, thanks lol. meant to add that >.>
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