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Full Version: New Map
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Whipped this up for a game this Friday. Enjoy! cyber.gif

Looks cool, I might have to use it sometime. What did you use to make it?
I use photoshop for the bulk of it. The vehicles, crates and other objects are either made from scratch (also in photoshop) or I get them from various sources like (usually with some modification).

Sweet, thanks!
Wesley Street
Nice work! I used to put that much love and detail into maps for my players... until the set pieces that I spent five hours designing in Photoshop were rampaged through in under three minutes of actual play time. smile.gif

Now I save that quality for jobs that pay me. Or for people who ask nicely. wink.gif
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Awesome... Thanks...
thats pretty cool...

so i am going to use it, or "yoink"
Thank you all.

There is more HERE for anyone interested.
Very nice. Thank you very much.
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