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Full Version: Sesame Steet 2073
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Sesame Street Gang 2073 (400BP Builds)

"Big Bird"
Metatype: Giant Changeling
Body 8 Agility 4(6) Reaction 5(6) Strength 8(10) Charisma 3 Intuition 4 Logic 2 Willpower 2
Edge 1 Essence 1.9 Initiative 9(10) Initiative Passes 1(2)
Skills: Intimidation 4 Leadership 4 Etiquette (Street +2) 4 Close Combat Group 4
Survival (Urban +2) 3 Pistols 3 Infiltration 2 Shadowing 2 Pilot Ground Craft 2 Perception 2
Knowledge Skills: Local Area Knowledge 4(5) Seattle Street Gangs 4(5) BTL Dealers 2(3)
Drug Dealers 2(3) Criminal Organizations 2(3) Prostitution Rackets 2(3)
Language Skills English N Spanish 2
Positive Qualities: Changeling Class I Surge (Beak, Nasty Vibe) School of Hard Knocks
Negative Qualities: Changeling Class I Surge (Yellow Feathers) Distinctive Style Combat Monster
Signature Mild BTL Addiction Anxiety Disorder
Cyberware: Muscle Replacement-2 Wired Reflexes-1 Datajack
Armor: Armored Jacket
Weapons: Baseball Bat, Knife, Ruger Super Warhawk w/ 20 Rounds Regular Ammo,
Vehicle: Indian Pathfinder
Commlink (3/3/3/3) Modified for BTL/Hotsim w/ Basic Plus Program Suite

Metatype: Gnome Changeling
Body 5 Agilty 5 Reaction 4 Strength 3 Charisma 5 Intuition 3 Logic 2 WIllpower 5
Edge 2 Essense 5.45 Initiative 7 Initiative Passes 1
Skills: Pistols 3 Con 4 Etiquette (Street +2) 3 Negotiation 4 Intimidation 2 Stealth Group 3
Pilot Ground Craft 2 Perception 2
Knowledge Skills: Local Area Knowledge 2 Smuggling Routes 3 Prostitution Rackets 3 Drug Dealers 3 Street Drugs 3 Seattle Street Gangs 2
Language Skills English N Spanish 2 Sign Language 2
Positive Qualities: Changling Class I Surge (Celerity Keen-Eared) Arcane Arrestor Amidextrous High Pain Tolerance
Negative Qualities: Hypomania, Neoteny Changeling Class I Surge (Unusual Red Hirsute Hair)
Severe Novacoke Addiction Vindictive
Cyberware: Penile Implant, Tooth Storage Compartment, Smuggling Compartment, Datajack
Armor: Lined Coat
Weapons: Cougar Fineblade Short Knife, 2x Ares Light Fire Pistols w/ 2 extra clips Regular ammo
Vehicle: Indian Pathfinder
Commlink (3/3/3/3) Modified for BTL/Hotsim w/ Basic Plus Program Suite

"The Count"
Metatype: Human (Vampire)
Body 2 Agilty 4 Reaction 4 Strength 2 Charisma 4 Intuition 4 Logic 5 WIllpower 3
Edge 2 Magic 4 Essense 6 Initiative 8 Initiative Passes 2
Skills: Electronics Group 4, Cracking Group 4, Unarmed Combat 3 Etiquette (Street +2) 2
Perception 2
Knowledge Skills: Local Area Knowledge 3, Matrix Chat Rooms 4, Seattle Street Gangs 3,
Language Skills: Romanian N, English 3, Spanish 2, Sign Language 2
Maths 5, Esoteric Trivia 5
Positive Qualities: Adept, Analytical Mind, Chatty, Photographic Memory, Codeslinger (Cryptanalysis)
Negative Qualities: Arithmomania, Evil Twin, Moderate Media Junkie, Reality Impaired
Adept Abilities: Analytics 4, Cloak 4, Eidetic Sense Memory, Multi-Tasking, Iron Will 4
Armor: Ulysses Line
Vehicle: Indian Pathfinder
Commlink: (5/5/5/5) Common Use Programs all Rating 5, Exploit-5, Stealth-5, Attack-3, Armor-3, Black H-3, Spoof-3

"Cookie Monster"
Metatype: Ork Changeling
Body 9(11) Agility 5(cool.gif Reaction 5(7) Strength 7(10) Charisma 2 Intuition 2 Logic 1 Willpower 1
Edge 2 Essence 0.55 Initiative 7(cool.gif Initiative Passes 1(2)
Skills: Close Combat Group 4, Firearms Group 3, Intimidation 4, Etiquette (Street +2) 2
Athletics Group 2, Infiltration 3, Pilot Ground Craft (Bike +2) 2, Perception 2
Knowledge Skills: Sweet Baked Confections 6, Local Area Knowledge 3
Language Skills: English N
Positive Qualities: Changeling Class III Surge (Orge Stomach, Metagenetic Improved Body, Elongated Limbs) Ambidextrous, Genetic Heritage (Suprathyroid Gland), Guts
Negative Qualities: Changeling Class III (Adiposis, Unusual Blue Hirsute Hair, Berserker, Extravagant Eyes-Strabismus, Critter Spook) Compulsive Binge Eating, Distinctive Style
Cyberware: Muscle Replacement-2, Wired Reflexes-1, Plastic Bone Lacing, Smartlink, Internal Air Tank, Datajack
Bioware: Symbiotes, Dietware, Suprathyroid Gland
Armor: Armored Jacket
Weapons: Katana, Ingram Smartgun w/ 3 extra clips regular ammo
Vehicle: Indian Pathfinder
Commlink (3/3/3/3) Modified for BTL/Hotsim w/ Basic Plus Program Suite

"Oscar the Grouch"
Metatype: Dwarf Changeling
Body 6 Agility 2 Reaction 2 Strength 4 Charisma 1 Intuition 2 Logic 2 Willpower 8 Edge 1
Magic 4 Essence 6 Initiative 4 Initiative Passes 1
Skills: Infiltration (Urban +2) 4 Sorcery Group 4, Conjuring Group 2, Perception 4,
Survival (Urban +2) 6
Knowledge Skills: Scrounging (Garbage +2), Local Area Knowledge, Local Area Gangs, Magical Theory
Language Skills: English N
Positive Qualities: Changeling Class III Surge (Ogre Stomach, Metagenetic Improved Willpower,
Greasy Skin) Magician (Poisoner Toxic Shaman) Pestilent Rat Mentor Spirit
Negative Qualities: Changeling Class III Surge (Symbiosis, Unusual Green Hirsute Hair) Compulsive Hoarder, Active Human Prejudiced, Pica Disorder, Cursed
Spells: Turn to Goo, One Less Human, Slaughter Humans, Slay Human, Stench, Lock, Acid Stream, Toxic Wave
Foci: Spell Sustaining Focus (Rating 3)
Permanent Squatter Lifestyle

Arithmomania-is a mental disorder that may be seen as an expression of obsessive-compulsive disorder.[1] Sufferers from this disorder have a strong need to count their actions or objects in their surroundings.[2]

Sufferers may for instance feel compelled to count the steps while ascending or descending a flight of stairs or to count the number of letters in words. They often feel it is necessary to perform an action a certain number of times to prevent alleged calamities. Other examples include counting tiles on the floor or ceiling, the number of lines on the highway, or simply the number of times one breathes or blinks.

Arithmomania sometimes develops into a complex system in which the sufferer assigns values or numbers to people, objects and events in order to deduce their coherence.

Counting may be done aloud or in thought

Pica Disorder-is a medical disorder characterized by an appetite for substances largely non-nutritive (e.g. metal, clay, coal, sand, dirt, soil, feces, chalk, pens and pencils, paper, batteries, spoons, toothbrushes, soap, mucus, ash, gum, etc.[1])
Xahn Borealis
Elmo's Severe Novacoke Addiction and Penile Implant biggrin.gif
Holy shit... i had to laugh so hard at this...

No comments, though *g*.
And here I was expecting a rip-off of Transmetropolitan's Sex Muppets... nyahnyah.gif
Carroll Spiny will still be doing Big bird in 2072
Hm... Shadowrunning to Sesame street... is like Meet the Feebles to Muppet show?

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