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Full Version: Pricing an Enemy
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James McMurray
The Enemy quality (RC 104) says that the enemy's value is equal tot heir modified connection rating plus their incidence rating. Incidence ratings go up to 6, so that leaves a possible 19 points. What is a "modified" connection rating and how does it get that high?

Raven the Trickster
You can have a group as an enemy, which can give quite a large modified connection rating (Runners Companion, AFB so I don't have a page number). The other way to boost it is to have multiple single or group enemies.

For example my current character has a low level gang as a group enemy and a fairly powerful single npc as another enemy. Total BP between the two of them was 15 if memory serves.
"Choose your friends carefully. Your enemies will choose themselves for you."
James McMurray
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