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James McMurray
Right now it's just the different threats I've used or will be using in our campaign. The next items on the agenda are:

1) Add a copy to clipboard function to make it easier to cut and paste them.

2) Add a "new threat" page so anyone can submit a threat to be included (though they'll have to be approved first, just in case a spambot finds the place and thinks it's worth posting to.

3) An edit threat page. Overwriting the original would require approval, but it could also be used to more easily save a slightly different version of a threat.

Without further ado, I give you the threats database.
THIS is awesome.
Maybe include a field for description of what something is?
Awesome indeed. I intend to make definite use of it!
Yes, truly awesome. The only things I'd like to have in addition to that would be:
- A metatype option that could change the stats to another metatype (so I can have 1 human guard and an ork for example)
- The possibility to mix different threats
- An automatic dice roller where you just have to click on a skill to get a result (but then you'd also need a "situational modifier" table)
I've lost count the number of times i've run into a random spirit out in the barrens... Toss in some aspected domain (i think, the one that is negatives to PC magic, but bonuses to the 'owner' magic)

Nothing like driving over a hill and having it try and eat you.
James McMurray
The ability to create a threat has been added. It gets created but not put in the live list (you can still view it yourself or even share the link). Once I get around to approving it, it'll be available on the main page. I'm guessing that the approval process isn't really necessary and just me being overly cautious. If/when that turns out to be true I'll take that step out and new threats will go straight to the database.

I've looked at having a copy to clipboard function but it looks like most browsers disallow that for security reasons and you have to use Flash to get around it. So for now that won't be happening.

The other suggestions have been noted, and added to the todo list. smile.gif
James McMurray
Also, I'd like to add the ability to download a zip file of the entire database, so people can use them offline.
Nice resource!
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (Nifft @ May 8 2011, 07:35 PM) *
Nice resource!

Indeed... Quite Nice. smile.gif
I will likely use it to some degree.
James McMurray
Couple of updates to the "add threat" functionality:

- Modified the ammunition row so that it outputs the clickable tables like the current threats have.
- Added a "Description" field.
- Added the ability to enter any field name wanted, in case the list that's there isn't enough.

Next on the agenda:

- make it so that vehicles have condition monitors for their rigger if they're rigged, or just one monitor if they're not.
- add the ability to zip it all up and take it with you.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Awesome... smile.gif
James McMurray
I added a link for downloading all of the threats in a zip file. A few things that aren't immediately apparent about the threats:

- Clicking on a condition monitor box marks that box as fille, either by changing its background picture or it color. Clicking it again toggles it back to normal

- Clicking an edge box blacks that box in. Clicking it again clears it.

- Clicking on a bullet box in an ammunition section blacks out that bullet and all of the ones beneath it. Clicking on a clip blacks out the clip and reloads any blacked out bullets.
James McMurray
Adding vehicles is now possible. It'll let you put inthe vehicle's stats and gives a condition monitor for it. If it's rigged then the rigger's monitor and stats are also available.

Now matbe some of the people who asked for an add button will actually use it. wobble.gif
James McMurray
Thanks to everyone who has submitted threats! I also added several of my own from our campaign.
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