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Full Version: Need Dumpshock Veteran Memory
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Hey chummers.

After a 2 year hiatus, our group got back together to run amok in the shadows once more. We've been playing some adventures, but I'm looking to write up a slightly bigger overarching campaign now. And what I have in mind would really benefit from an old file I once found through Dumpshock. Alas, since ye olde dumpshock has been cleaned up a bit since my last visit, I can't find it any more. I wonder if anyone can remember what I'm talking about or even if anyone could provide a link to it.

Way, way back in the day, around 2006, dumpshock linked to a bunch of other SR enthusiast's sites. What I'm looking for was a bit of fiction which was mostly nonsensical. A whole lot of random sentences, thoughts, desires and randomness strung together. It included a couple of "Disturbing images .gifs" which were basically black and white flashing gifs of neural ware or brainscans or some such. The "story", if you can call it that, ended with "Uploading <big number> of data...". I remember it as doing a pretty good job at evoking the image of an entire ward of mental patients/convicts in prison, burning out their neural pathways and uploading their fused consciousness to the matrix.

That's about as detailed a description as I can give you. Back then it was hosted on "Someone's Site." A name like, "Gearjack" or... hell, I really can't remember. But since I'd like to use something very similar in the upcoming campaign, finding it again would be awesome. You could say that I could write something like that myself, and you'd probably be right. But since that bit is still stuck in my memory after 4 years, I figure it was pretty damn well-done.

Does anyone have even the slightest clue as to what I'm talking about?
Gearjack sounds like Blackjack. I never read any fiction on his site but I would not be surprised if there was some there. I remeber going to that site when I was in middle school and just got my third edition books.

Hunt through it yourself. It might be there. Let me know if you find it anywhere. It sounds like and interesting read.
The link to it didn't work from the Wayback Machine, but I'm pretty positive that the story you're thinking about is C y b e r f u c k e d.
Two replies and two of them right on the money.

I wasn't too far off with Gearjack, heh. Blackjack's stuff was seriously well done. Even if it did all harken back to Shadowrun 2.0, the fluff was excellent. I sent off a couple of emails to see if we can't get the material he hosted back. The story I had in mind is indeed C y b e r f u c k e d -and if anyone here has a copy of it I'd be very appreciative- but every single dead link in those archives is a reason to shake your head in silence and mourn the days gone past.

Lets hope Blackjack still uses the email listed on his archived site and still has all his work backed up somewhere. And that he's feeling generous enough to share them with a random person who happened to email him. It's a long shot, but that's what Edge is for, right?

I'll post here should I hear from him, if you guys promise to post any of his work you somehow had saved!
After a week, the emails I sent to Blackjack's addy's returned delivery delay notices and failures.

If anyone can get into contact with him, I'd appreciate it greatly.
QUOTE (Badmoodguy88 @ May 18 2011, 12:22 PM) *

That's... odd...

I spent quite a while trying to get that open. I even tried on several machines... and now it works...

Wellp, crisis averted then. Much obliged.
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