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Full Version: life imitates SR
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Shit, sometimes i wonder if Google is reading SR as some kind of playbook for the internet future.

lets see now.

1. Android just about everywhere. Phone and tablets, TV set top boxes (with the potential to become inexpensive games consoles), and even home automation: Hell, toss your music into the Google Music storage service and you can play it from your android phone, android tv, or even via web browser. They even had a Android stereo system to demo, that one could pipe the music to using the music player on a Android tablet. And if one have more then one in the house, switch between them, or use all, as outputs.

2. inexpensive web "terminals", also known as Chromebooks (*snerk*). Basically a netbook running Chrome browser as the main interface, on top of the Linux kernel They will even rent them out to schools and businesses: Sounds like a cyber terminal to me:

I just find myself thinking about how the SR matrix runs on top of the ASIST neural IO protocol, somewhat like HTML. And now they are even talking about WebGL, a 3D "HTML".

So how long before i can slip on some 3D glasses and surf a 3D web? wink.gif
To be fair, SR4 changed it's design because this was the obvious direction technology was headed and not cyberdecks and full VR.
That and people reminded them that the pocket secretary in SR3 still weighed in at multiple KG, resulting in a big list of corrections in the last SR3 errata to take care of that.
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