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Full Version: Yet another bizarre question from The Kid
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Kid Ridiculous
Ok, umm, maybe I'm overlooking something here, but why is there an essence cost for peg legs? Seriously, there's no DNI, no wiring, no super invasive mechanical devices, it's a frikkin piece of wood.

"That's ole Stub, meanest sammy on the streets. He's more furniture than man..."
the desc in M&M says that the old pegleg have minimal neural linking. not mutch but it enables the user to maybe angle the peg a bit to get better contact with the surface...

allso i sigjest not realy paying any attention to the stuff that essencecost = neural impact. its more a magic/soul thing then anything else...
Kid Ridiculous
Yeah, but people have peglegs now and they cast magic just fi...nevermind, I see your point.
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