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Full Version: Neo-Anarchists
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A term I hear both in the books and on these boards but I've never heard a definition for. Other than long black trench coats, lots of guns, and an ability to see the code what's the difference between a Neo-Anarchist and their modern day real life counterparts?

Edit: Thought to type the term into wikipedia and got linked here. Is that all they were referring to? I thought Neo-Anarchism was a new movement invented in the sixth world not simply modern day Anarchism.
There are a dozen brands of anarchism, and unfortunately, in SR, they're all a repressed minority. I take neo-anarchism to simply be (generally) the realization that unchecked capitalism and our representative 'democracy' fail at their jobs of maintaining the basic necessities of the common man, and need to be rebuilt. The real speed bump is how to pull down the current power structures, so most people don't give much thought as to what precisely will replace it. It currently contains libertarians, socialists, anarcho-capitalists, ultra-progressives and a few other odds and ends.
Prime Mover
I always saw Neo-A's as "new anarchists". A new philosophy for a new age. Or Anarchists that haven't solidified their philosophy yet, facing off against a New world filled with new oppressors.
The Anarchist Movement had its heyday long and ever ago (We're still seeing some of it, however. But our bread and circuses have gotten too good for any real motion from it.).

Neo-@s are the current re-vitalization of the movement due to the way in which the world has gone drek-kicked to hell and back. Drone-Factories and lack of Labor Unions (For good and ill) have taken away a lot of the rights and strengths of the common worker. The high amount of people that have slipped through the cracks in the system (IE: SINless), along with even SINners that have been kicked to the curb...

During the Early-to-mid 2000s Anarchism came back into vogue with people, and spread all the faster thanks to the Matrix (Hense the "@" in the name).

It's still heavily fought over which is the "right" style of anarchism, however. Anarcho-capitalism or Anarcho-primitalism and so on... Most Shadowrunners fall under the Anarcho-capitalism, BTW.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
I was always partial to Anarcho-Communistic-Neo-Revolutionary-Democratic-Despotism myself... wobble.gif
Still a better idea than the multiple communist parties Canada has. eek.gif

One I can understand, but multiple?
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