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For a number of reasons automated activation of accounts are disabled. Given the number of issues this has resolved related to the Terms of Service [ See link in the upper left corner], this process will not be changing anytime soon. Most relevant examples include:
QUOTE (Terms of Service)
2. No spamming the forums.....

6. No alternate accounts. Users of DSF may post under one account only. If multiple accounts are discovered to belong to one user, the additional accounts will be terminated.....

To have your new account activated, once you create an account, simply send an email (from the account you registered with) to forums (a) requesting activation.

Thank you for your understanding,
Can this be the pinned to the top of the stickied posts?

I ask because when the boards were recently down, I had a person in a FB SR group ask if anyone there was an admin or knew one because he couldn't register. I recalled needing some activation step, but couldn't recall the specifics, and with the board being down couldn't give him an answer. Board returned, I got him an answer and he got registered.

I inquire about this because since then, I've noticed we have the overwhelming majority of the people reading the boards listed as visitors, and a bare handful of logged in members at any time. I have no idea if they are members who just are not logging in (but then they are missing having posts get marked as read or new replies), legitimate visitors, or people who do not notice the new registration step.
I rarely log in unless I have something to post.

I mean, all those letters, numbers, punctuation and special characters to log in ... and I have to change it every week ...

The sec team deckers around here are cruel, I tell you!
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