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Full Version: Shadowrun Dice Simulator and Generator
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Hi folks,

I wanted to share with you news of progress on a new Java Shadowrun Dice Simulator and Generator. It simulates dice casts, analyses them and derives outcomes suited to each type of test - Opposed, Extended, and Success.

I'd estimate it's about 65% done. Success testing is working, Opposed Testing is working - subject to finalising the Opposed Test outcome dialog - and Extended testing should work as well. smile.gif

Here are a couple of screenshots for a taste of what is to come within the next three months or so!

I suppose it's been done before but it's a lot of fun to program using object oriented principles!


Opposed Test Input Screenie
Success Test Output Screenie
This is looking great so far. smile.gif

But u do have to write in all data every time you roll the dice, right(like when u roll for a character with agility 4 and afterwards for a character with agility 6)?
Heya, thanks for the support. Yes, users are empowered to put in the parameters they wish to influence the test each time. smile.gif I'll keep you posted on how it goes!
I wrote a simple windows program to do SR dice, among others for one of my friends. If there's intrest, I can host it somewhere for people to use. It's a simple EXE, no install required.
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