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Currently I'm working on a historical map of Seattle. I've already completed a detailed map of Downtown Seattle. I hope to finish the district map and an overview of the Pacific Northwest this week. As a basis for the maps I've used today's maps of OpenStreetmap. I used the Seattle Sourcebook to insert the locations and to compare the roads today with those 2050. The final poster should be in the format DIN A1 (841 x 594 mm / 23.39 x 33.11 inch). Here you can take a look at the production steps:

Early poster layout. In the top left corner is the placeholder for the Downtown road map and the Pacific Northwest overview.

Closeup photo, still without locations and street names.

Finished Downtown street map as a stand alone DIN A3 poster (210 x 297 mm / 11.69 x 16.54 inch)

Closeup photos of Downtown Seattle.

If you want to take a closer look to Downtown Seattle map you can download the slimmed PDF.
This looks really useful, can't wait to see the finished product.
Mr. Smileys
This is amazing.
Keep it up! I like!
Just awesome mate!
As a graphic designer and Seattle resident IRL, I salute the hell out of this. This is *awesome*.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Can't Wait... This is totally awesome... Hell of a Job. wobble.gif
Almost finished Pacific Northwest. I have to proof it and maybe have to do some minor changes. ... 12 hours later - time to sleep.
Second, corrected Version of Downtown Seattle (PDF).
Fantastic work smile.gif Kudos!
Almost done: Seattle Districts Poster
That's gangster dawg.
Today I finished the district map. I hope I did not miss any errors. Here the final PDF:

Pacific Northwest (Format: DIN A3, ca. 6 MB)
Seattle Districts (Format: DIN A1, ca. 19 MB)
Seattle Downtown (Format: DIN A3, ca. 1 MB)
Thanks! These are great work!
All three are amazing looking. I love the retro design, and poster size.

One small suggestion: On the Pacific Northwest Map, the tribal names are the same font-size as city names. As region names, they should be larger than city names (while still smaller than "Salish-Shidhi Council").
I've printed the posters now:

districts poster

all three posters together

Closeups of the disrict poster
Great Work! Thanks for sharing.
These are cool
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