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Full Version: A Reaper Comes.
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I've lurked here for ages so I figured it was time I contributed a bit. I've been tinkering with the idea of a small offbeat campaign. I want to pit a group of shadowrunners and various sixth world persons as a resistance group against the Kurian Invasion as described in E.E. Knight's Vampire Earth series. (if you're not familiar with the series it's worth the read!)

The first principle beyond campaign arc planning is the conversion of the various entities the Kur brought with them.

This is my first attempt at the Reaper. The basic framework for the stats and abilities are in line with the authors molding as presented in his Savage Worlds setting book and what I can remember from the novels.

[ Spoiler ]

I'm a tad rusty when it comes to critters and such so any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

More to come of the critters to come as I have time.

The only thing i would say is a reach 1 for a tongue attach seems... gracious. it should probably be marked as - meaning no reach, or even a -1 if its truly like a human tongue where you would probably have to be close to the creature to begin with to get a hit on it...
QUOTE (Aku @ Jul 5 2011, 11:51 PM) *
The only thing i would say is a reach 1 for a tongue attach seems... gracious. it should probably be marked as - meaning no reach, or even a -1 if its truly like a human tongue where you would probably have to be close to the creature to begin with to get a hit on it...

If I'm remembering the series right (been a while since I read any of the books) it's almost nothing like a human tongue and should have reach.
I knew I should i have hunted down a photo to add to the post.

Yeah the tongue is a long garden hose type deal. I'll edit the description to make it a bit more clear.

As much as I'm a fan of Shadowrun, and as much as I'm a fan of Mr. Knight's Vampire Earth series, I'm not sure just how compatible the two will be. I'll wish ya godspeed and good luck, though, and hopefully it'll be an awesome campaign.
Thanks Critias!

I'm having to noodle around quite a bit to decide how I want to do a lot of it. On one hand I can see the whole idea dove tailing into the shadowrun universe fairly easily (I can totally see Aztech being one of the human groups that support the Kur...) but certain things have to be discarded for the purposes...(Immortal elves etc) still others are going to be problematic...Magic is a bit of an equalizer against what the Kurians can do, heh.

I'm beginning to wonder if it might come down to using the SR 4A rules and trappings to emulate a kinda sorta non magical version of Shadowrun's Seattle and run it that way.
Even based on that picture, i DON'T see it having reach, unless you're saying that this thing can strike 3-5 feet in front of its face,I dont see it having reach.
+0 Reach
-1 Reach (the baby will do str/2 stun as a thrown weapon)

Purely from their looks, though, the Reapers should be something like a cross btween Mutaqua and Nosferatu, with much more Nosferatu than Mutaqua. And uh. Why can't there be a vampire-y culture without relying that heavily on Nazi symbolism.
Having slept on it I agree with both Aku and Hermit...I'll adjust the reach. Closer encounters probably make for better horror too.

Re: the nazi symbolism. The Authors setting is a pulply oriented setting and he does use some of it with a few organizations and in the histories of the world.
It's not about this special author. Nazi symbolism is literally all over WoD too. The only WoD-ish fiction I can think of that is not drooping swastikas and black suns is Lukjanenko's Watch series, and that's dripping Soviet melancholy instead.
Here's the first of the grunt forces. Harpies and Grey Grogs.


[ Spoiler ]

Grey Grog

[ Spoiler ]
Harpy: give it two additional arms (metagenic qualities, RC), and body hair and enhanced senses.

Grey Grog seems okay. You might want to add armoured skin in some fashion, though (again, metagenic qualities).
I prefer my harpies more naked, and more feminine.... Also, you say they carry 6 grenades, but list 9 biggrin.gif

grog: I'm not sure how i feel about the reach bonus I would feel that the creatures seemingly hunched style of movement would largely negate any arm length, and it's tough to say how long the arms are in the first place. Remember trolls are the only core book race that has a reach advantage.
I totally blew past the second set of arms and knew I was forgetting something. hmm I don't have my RC handy, so I'll have to will fix that when I get home. Thanks Hermit!

For the Grogs I modeled them after the troll to save some work ...hmm the author does describe them as having rhino hide esq skin...I wonder how that compares stat wise to the dermal deposits (The natural b1/i1) that trolls get. Any thoughts?

Dermal deposits are bony chunks in the skin. Elephant Skin in RC is what you're looking for. 2/5, does NOT stack with worn armour except the +X/Y stuff, and counts for encumberance.
QUOTE (Zibik @ Jul 5 2011, 10:16 PM) *
E.E. Knight's Vampire Earth series.

Good author.
I've taken a peek at that series, but was unable to get into it (I recall thinking that the vampires aren't vampires at all).
In any case, EEK needs more love.
i have to agree that the troll would be a good base to build the grogs from, and while magic is a great equilizer, its simply one more weapon that the resistance would be using, it would just be more natural, offset that by making the mages/shamans stand out more to the reapers and thus be targeted more often. This would be easy if you use a vampire build for your reapers because if i remember correctly vampires are dual natured.
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