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Full Version: Anybody have an undeground complex map?
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One of my upcoming campaigns includes a huge underground research facility.

I'm sort of architecturally retarded, so I'm having trouble flushing one out.

Does anyone have schematics/layout for an underground facility that they'd be willing to share, or ideas where to find one?
I don't remember where I picked this set of maps up, nor do I remember what RPG it was for...but I've used it for a mega complex before. Hope it helps.
Perhaps a Google image search, to point out the simplest route.

I googled "underground facility" and found some decent stuff to work with. I guess it depends on the specifics you need.
Actually, you might try googling Fire Escape Maps.

I saw one on the wall in an office building the other day. I recall thinking 'hey, that might make a decent floor plan for a run. And the rooms are all conveniently numbered, too'
something like this:
or more detailed?
Because of where I live, we have certain types of available underground complexes that work great for shadowrun.

Yes, this baby, just outside of Denver, can be yours for 2.8 mil.
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