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Full Version: Rule for Drunk Characters
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I swear I saw rules for drunk characters but for the life of me can't find them. Was I seeing things? Any help would be great.

If you saw the rules for drunkared then you probably saw double wink.gif grinbig.gif rotfl.gif biggrin.gif
M&M pg121 Burn.
M&M won't be available till later this month by SR schedual on the offical web site. If its not to long would someone give me a summary of the rules for drunk characters. The character I am presently playing is a heavy drinker and we would like to have a better way of working this into the game.


PS I not trying to short change FanPro I do plan to buy the book when its available.
Neon Tiger
The rules for Burn are whacky at least. I mean, 4D Stun. Most people are going to get knocked out with 1-3 drinks, max. Rather, make alcohol with high power and low Damage Level. Something akin to 6-10 L Stun.
i'm assuming burn is for people who want to get fucked up as quickly as possible. regular alcohol would probably be, as neon suggested, 6-10L stun.
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