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Is there any point to an Intuition based magician running a Cerebral Booster since Logic isn't the drain stat? Any suggestions for a better use of the essence other than a Platelet Factory or Trauma Dampener?
Well, it increases his Logic. smile.gif Logic is good for various other things.

Cybereyes are popular.
Hida Tsuzua
The big one is that you can't have more foci activate than the user's logic. That might not be useful enough for it to be worth it, but it's something to keep in mind.
What gear do you already have?
Cyber Eyes/Ears and considering the two I mentioned above. I was going to go with a Logic tradition and once I switched I still figured the booster might be handy to have... but looking at things now, I could just increase his base Logic (since its lower than max) and skip the essence loss in favor of other 'ware. Of course if there isn't too much better than the booster, I'd just keep it since a logic boost cant hurt.
Synaptic Booster ofc!
Are you sure about the cyberears? Cybereyes, you can target spells with. Cyberears... maybe just wear earbuds.

Good stuff: Cyber lower arm or cyber lower leg with Armor and assorted amusing gadgets - you can also get hands/feet with armor if the GM will let that fly.

Pain Editor or Trauma Damper (they don't stack)

If you have Essence left left, you can still get the Cerebral booster to save BP: dump the Logic and compensate with ware. It might be cheaper to do with Agility, though.
I got the ears since they had a lot of flexibility for a low cost and low essence, but I'm not that attached. Thanks for all the suggestions. Really opening up my options when I felt like I'd hit a dead end of sorts.
Yeah, everyone needs Muscle Toners. smile.gif
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