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Full Version: How does regenerate work when attacked by Astral Combat
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If I have a creature with regeneration that is attacked by someone in Astral Combat does the damage regenerate.

I reread the rules quite carefully on this and mostly came to the conclusion that it does. I suspect this is another area that is not explicitly stated so we have to apply the other rules and work out how to apply them.

My reasoning is based on the two quote below. It's clear that Regeneration doesn't help against spells, foci or critter powers. So a critter hitting you with Natural Weapon or Energy Aura is going to spoil your day. However with astral combat it's less clear. It mostly hinges on whether or not Astral Combat does "magical damage". Now Astral combat is listed under Magical Skills: the set of skills that only people with magical attributes can get. However it is a willpower/intuition based skill not a magic based skill. Personally I feel Astral combat is just like melee combat except that the stat used is willpower/intuition instead of agility/reactions.

I am curious if any off you can find some fluff or crunch to support/rebuke the above view

Likewise, magical damage from weapon foci, combat spells, critter/adept powers, or other magic may not be healed through Regeneration.

Astral Combat:[/b]
Astral combat is resolved in the same way as physical combat. Astrally perceiving and dual-natured characters use their Physical attributes and skills to fight opponents with a physical body, and their Astral Combat + Willpower to fight wholly astral entities. Astrally projecting characters use their Mental attributes in place of Physical ones (see the Astral Attributes Table, above) along with the Astral Combat skill. There are no known ranged weapons that function in astral space, so unarmed attacks, active weapon foci (p. 199), and mana spells are the only options for astral combat.

It does not work.

Astral Combat is magical damage.
(The most obvious hint are spirits. If Astral Combat would benormal damage, spirits would get their immunity to normal damage.)
Its damage caused in the magical realm which means its magical in nature

Sorry its one of the main weaknesses of anything dual natured astral stuff can hurt you easily and worse for shifters as they are very easy to damage from the astral
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