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Full Version: Turn to goo and you
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So... was just in the middle of a game and had a thought....

Pg. 204 SR4: Turn to Goo transforms living tissue into a sticky, glue-like substance. The target is not conscious while under the effects of this spell, and any damage suffered suffered by the gooey form affects the target normally. The goo has a barrier armor rating equal to Body + net hits. (see barriers p 157)

If a really sick person were to turn say a troll to goo (yes it would be huge drain because force has to equal or exceed the body of the target) and paint it on themselves by RAW is it not true that the barrier is now added to armor as well, could i not add them to astral barrier/armor vs attacks of a magical nature? Munchkin I know but by RAW I cant see anything stopping some psycho from doing it...... vegm.gif
I would say no. In order to really actas a barrier, it needs to be able to stand (or lie) in the way. Holding up a wall to cover your escape is good. Covering yourself with part of a gooey former troll, not so much.
Also, the goo itself isn't magical, only the spell keeping it in it's current shape. And that doesn't have an astral body.
however it does state it is still living so you have much the same practical side as the living bacteria walls
Xahn Borealis
Imagine if the 'hypothetical' psycho dropped the spell halfway through.....
I could say that the barrier might degrade as it drips around but as written I think it would work.
QUOTE (Xahn Borealis @ Jul 24 2011, 05:29 PM) *
Imagine if the 'hypothetical' psycho dropped the spell halfway through.....

lol yeah i know it had occured to me too.

Be a quick way to kill ppl. Goo them then put a nade with a detonator into a cambro, pour in goo and then reverse spell. BOOM
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