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Full Version: Alternate Damage Resistance Rule
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If an attack, modified by net hits, does not exceed armor, a hit would occur on a 4, 5, or 6. Also, damage would not be converted from Physical to Stun.
-This is a variation of the Cinematic and Gritter Game Play Optional Rules.

Any thoughts or comments.

So, in situations where currently we would reduce physical damage to stun, you instead give 50/50 that the attack glances and is entirely ineffective versus doing normal physical damage? Does armor still contribute to the Soak roll? Would you consider altering the odds of a glance based on heavy armor (e.g., Full Combat Armor) against a light weapon? Perhaps a table that showed relative attack power and the odds of a glance, such as:

Weapon Power-Armor : Glance on X or above
-8 or more : 2
-6 or more : 3
-4 or more : 4
-2 or more : 5
-1 or more : 6

Depending on the power level of the game, this might need to be shifted, but in my last campaign this would have been fairly balanced - there is always a chance of a lucky hit doing damage, and there is a chance even a strong hit will be deflected.
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