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So I have played Shadowrun in the past, but I will be honest I have been a bit out of it lately. All that aside I wanted to play a Shadowrun game at Gen Con this year so I signed up for a mission game. To the point, I want to play a character that I can contribute with without having to know a TON of fancey rules, yet one I am still interested in playing.

Being a mission game I need the character to be useful but also a bit more versitile (not a one trick pony). I don't need uber optimized, but I also don't want to be a waste of space on the team.

My prefered arch types would be in the following order:
Combat Mage (though perhaps a bit to much to take on for a new guy comming back)
Physical balanced adept (balanced meaning both able to shoot and get in close)
Street Sam (balance of B/E and Combat Machine)

In all of the above cases i would like him to have some face like, social abilities, I think I prefer human, though I could deal with Elf.

I was hoping someone out there loves number crunching and could help me out with a base builid.

I was thinking of going the ex-military route, perhaps not special forces but specially assigned, basic line he was hung out to dry, survived, and isn't about to go back so they can throw him away again. He is now on the street trying to make the goverment training work for himself.

Last Mission: His unit was told they were after a key target. They were to bring the target in or eliminate him if required. Turns out they were dropped in elven territory and when they got to the Target's location it was a school house for gifted children. The Target was the dean of the school, but the place was a bit of a fortress. Recon showed no easy way in, when the squad called into HQ, they were told to take down the school (no survivors allowed). He and most of his unit balked at an order to drop ordinance/magic in through the window, and the mission went to hell from there....

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
Abdul Alhazred
Well my friend you are in luck !

The Dumpshockers have put together this really nice Community Project of starting characters w/ a little blurb of who they are. GREAT resource for anyone just getting into SR4.

As with advise the others have given me (Also a returning player...) you should start with something simple to build / play and not jump into the deep end yet. Try out your Adept idea. Fairly powerful for the optimizer in you - and not overly complex to build.

I'd check out the Gun Adept in the Sample Character Archive.
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