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Full Version: Campaign Concept- Is it do-able?
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Crazy Ivan
Normally, I hate the idea of putting video-game/anime/movie concepts directly into an PnP rpg, but lately, the gears behind my mind have been working on the concept of doing something along the lines of Metal Gear Solid. Yeah, not the most innovative idea, but I saw a lot of potential in the idea, as well as a lot of flaws.

For a little variation, something more along the lines of a toxic shaman/mage takes over an obscure island after acquiring a new uber-strain of VITAS and some nano-tech that will be unstoppable, and has set up countless splinter groups/cults in major cities where when the word is given, all hell is broken loose. THe mage/shaman has enlisted the help of a terrorist/mercenary squad as well as a small army to defend a home base (all of whom believe that the idea is to hold the Corporate Court ransom for a ridiculous amount of nuyen).

I know there are a lot of holes in it, but I think it might work in some way. Any suggestions, hints, comments, etc. etc.?
I like it. I don't really have any suggestions though. Sorry.
Sounds very doable and a fun series of games. Sounds not only Metal Gear but that movie with Cage and Connery whatsitsnameagain... The Rock. Good concept, a definable area (island) where the action is set. Makes it easier for GM as there's no need to flesh out lots and lots of buildings. Since you have a toxic shaman as threat there's magical opposition and keep the final lair underground to prevent scouting by astral forms. Make sure there's opportunities for all your players, i.e if there's a face in the group, allow for infiltration or turning certain groups against their former employer, etc.
Crazy Ivan
Actually, I was thinkiong Alcatraz island was a good place to start for this idea. I occasionally run games at a local gamestore, and there's the occasional bit of Pink-Mohawk-ness where this could potentially work. We don't usually have a face when we run this, so stealth characters galore!
You could take a look at System Failure, it's SR3 but some parts are pretty close to what you're describing.
Crazy Ivan
When I start getting around to traveling, there's a decent game store in a neighbor city that has a good selection of old SR3 stuff pretty cheap. I'll see if they have it.
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