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Full Version: RL Drones
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Thought you might all like to see this, nothing we have not already see before but nice to know things are moving in the right direction
Or wrong, depending on what end of the camera your at wink.gif

Btw, that shotgun is likely a nice partner for the Taser shotgun round.
Great, the black helicopters that conspiracy theorists worry about just got an upgrade.
I would not be surprised if the "stun baton" mentioned in the spec WAS the Taser XREP being fired out of the shotgun option.

Noy quite the same drone, but how's this?
QUOTE (Mardrax @ Aug 3 2011, 04:37 AM) *
Noy quite the same drone, but how's this?

Better image in the source article:

Also makes me think of a certain industrial robot concept:
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