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Demonseed Elite
This page comparing Ghost in the Shell to real life Hong Kong is simply awesome. This explains much of the reason why I couldn't help but have so much fun writing Hong Kong up as a Shadowrun setting.
Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell are what I show to my friends when I try to get them to play Shadowrun.
I remember seeing the directors talk about why they chose Hong Kong on the DVD extras and other cool tidbits.

Some days, I pretend that the Aramaki is a fixer and his shadowrunner team would be Section 9.
Well Section 9 is a mishmash of people from all walks of life, so one could very well play it as a kind of "group on retainer" with Aramaki as some kind of Jhonson/fixer. One of them is a former Yakuza i think, and all except the cop seems to have considered the day that shit hits the fan given that they have bug out stashes set up in SAC.
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