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Full Version: Nano-biomonitors
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In Augmentation, nano-biomonitors are listed as an upgrade of a basic cybernetic biomonitor, so why can't a slot get it installed in a cyberlimb? It has the same Essence cost of a regular biomonitor after all.
Nano-biomonitors actually have to be present in the "bio" to monitor it.

Being in the cyberlimb will get you nice readings of... metal and plastic.

You can have a nanohive in the cyberlimb to help maintain them, but they kinda have to circulate in the bloodstream to work.

RAW, they maintain themselves. All the nano-cyber has its own 'specialized' hives (which basically means, 'cuz I said so'), so they can't be installed in limbs/with existing nanohives. *shrug*

It's not an upgrade like more RAM, it's an upgrade like a better computer. smile.gif You don't add it to an existing biomonitor (not for a reason, just because that's the rules).
Pulse Rate: Zero.

Blood Pressure: Zero.

Temperature: Below safe parameters.

Diagnosis: Subject is dead, now sending signal to DocWagon.
#intercept DocWagon signal
#redirect intercepted signal to Tamanous
Great, now I'm getting images of Tamanous Ambulances made out of Cadillac Miller-Meteors (From various years.).
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